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Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood

You are Robin Hood! An epic story-driven strategy-RPG blending narrative choice, resource management, and base building. · By ManOfNottingham


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Updates, Bulletins, and Quality of Life
Hear ye! We just pushed a "quality of life" update. Hopefully, we haven't broken anything in the process (though be sure to ping us if we did)! Not sure which f...
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Four Sheep Leap into the Sea
This continues my reposting of the dev diaries of Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood - where I talk about all things related to my work on the game. Also, there a...
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How Strong is my Robin
Today’s we continue to look at the foundational game design principles, true as they were in the game’s first publication, back in 2017. Most role-playing g...
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Three Paths Diverge in the Woods
T he second in my ongoing dev blog discussion of Nocked! (Orginally released on iOS in 2017, it’s gone through some changes). Still, the posts are still vali...
The fae guard their gold...
The fair folk play by their own rules - Robin can no longer give gold freely in order to gain renown. And a couple other typos and image fixes. Thanks to all th...
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You Ruined my Robin Hood
I wrote more that my fair share of design dev blogs pre and pre-pre-launch that disappeared into the ether. So I’m reposting the pertinent ones here, for the...
First post-launch update (a ‘lil one)
Update! A couple typos fixed, and now the menu says “Save & Quit” to clarify that you’ll never lose your place in the game...
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