Updates, Bulletins, and Quality of Life

Hear ye! We just pushed a "quality of life" update. Hopefully, we haven't broken anything in the process (though be sure to ping us if we did)!

Not sure which faction the Sheriff is targeting this season? Wonder no more!

Misplaced your to-do list? Check with Friar Tuck!

Also, we've added some compression to the audio files to help with the memory error some of you are seeing, but the end-user perception should be unnoticeable (and full audio fidelity is always available with the Soundtrack!). And as usual, a host of minor typos and continuity fixes. Thanks for everyone who's chimed in!


nocked-true-tales-of-robin-hood-windows.zip 528 MB
Version 10 62 days ago
nocked-true-tales-of-robin-hood-osx.zip 525 MB
Version 10 62 days ago

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