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A sandpunk story of high adventure! Step onto the deck of the skyship, the Pirate Queen and join first mate Esme, Prince Sasha, and the genie Sting on a spectacular voyage across the Endless Desert. A botched raid on the treasure galleon, the Desert Jewel, earns Esme the enmity of the high wizard al-Hasan and a bounty on her head that leaves her with few friends and fewer options. Forced to choose between her life, her sanity, or secrets best left buried beneath the sands, Esme’s choices will, one way or another, leave her with nothing left to wish for.

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5/5Nothing Left to Wish For is by turns exciting combat, treacherous ruins and adversaries, and exhilarating piloting. Esmeralda, and her interactions with those that she works with and against - often simultaneously - are quite memorable. She occupies a space between the rare archetypes of female hotshot and anti-heroine. - G. Sanders

5/5 Intelligently written with a clear empathy for the characters that draws you in. There are a number of interesting plot twists and reveals. I did not expect the story to end up where it did. Overall I highly recommend the book. - leaflet

4/5The writing style is unorthodox and occasionally obscure, but on the whole it supports what is an innovative, quirky, terrifically imaginative yarn. I recommend it, I'd buy it again without regret, and I look forward to more from this author. - Christopher Jones

4/5 This is a very complex read, sort of a cross between a coming of age story and space opera sci-fi.  - JeffDH


Get this book and 4 more for $29.99 USD
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